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How can safely dispose of an unwanted deck of Tarot cards?

I have a deck of tarot cards that I cannot use, I bought them at a time of great upheavel and unhappiness in my life and every time I have tried to use them for readings I have had very negative results, either incorrect readings or it feels like they are "blocked" and I cannot read anything. I would like to dispose of them but don't want to just throw them out, is there any way I can dispose of them respectfully?

How can safely dispose of an unwanted deck of Tarot cards?
The best way to dispose of the cards is to change the energy from physical to energetic - by burning them.

To be ultimately respectful - out in the open, build a small 'teepee' fire that has a cross of sticks at the base of the fire where each of the 4 sticks combines to form a diamond that faces the directions south, west, north and east. Then open sacred space, inviting in your guides, honor your guides, the ancesters, each of the 4 directions, Mother Earth and God/Great Creator, stating your 'intent' that the energy be transformed to the light.

Light the fire, and allow it to become 'tame', this is when there are glowing embers but the flames have calmed. Then place the cards on the fire having blowen your intent onto the pack 3 times.

Make sure the cards have burned fully and the fire is safe, ensuring that all the wood in the fire has burned through. Then thank, your guides, the directions, Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Then you can leave the fire.

If you would want to know more then contact me on %26lt;lit_spirit@yahoo.co.uk%26gt;

love, light and peace Jan
Reply:You are most welcome... enjoy your fire ceremony and good wishes on your spiritual path Report Abuse

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Reply:Throw them at David Blaine, who will turn them into chicken and then proceed to inhale them through his nose.
Reply:post them to me.
Reply:donate them to vincents de paul
Reply:Sell 'em on Ebay.
Reply:I would ask the cards.
Reply:burn them. my opion?
Reply:Yes a charity shop is not a bad idea if they will accept them I work a couple of days in a charity shop and we have a whole list of what we can and cannot accept I know lots of people read 2 much into Tarot cards and that they spend lots of time trying 2 make the predictions come correct just so they can tell me I told u so Bit like astrology fanatics !!!!!!!!
Reply:bury them under a yew tree under a full moon
Reply:sell them on ebay?
Reply:chuck them in the bin these are evil so stay away from them please. ill pray for u
Reply:Burn them, then you can be sure nobody else will be cursed by their evil powers.
Reply:eBay works wonders
Reply:Burn them. That is what they deserve.

You should learn to trust God.
Reply:Give them to a charity shop?(they are only bits of card. Any power used, comes from within, hon-they just help via symbolism to focus it)

I have done and witnessed accurate readings with playing cards, if that helps to dispel any superstitions.

Reply:you don't have no problem. what do yu do with toilet paper?
Reply:hi if i was you i would go to ask jeeves.com and ask im how to clear your cards then give them away, good luck
Reply:they are not your cards- thus the block and incorrect readings....

please where did you get them/ how did you aquire the cards???

more understanding on where you got them- better understanding on how to to return the cards to the rightful state .

what ever you do do not gift them away or throw them out!
Reply:Burning them is the only thing I can think of.
Reply:yeah, send them to me. I collect tarot decks.
Reply:Garbage disposal and repeat, Owa Tahjeer Kiam 30x
Reply:why don't you take them to a tarot card reader and ask them or see if they would like to have them. they probable would like to see someone showing them respect of their talent (I really don't know what to call their talent properly).
Reply:Please ignore all of the supersticious nonsense here! Tarot cards are no more sinister than a deck of playing cards! They are merely shapes cut from card/plastic with pictures on them - I can assure you that they are not blessed with any mystic powers that you need fear in the disposal of them!

That said, you should get rid of them in such a way that no other poor soul will happen upon them. So either put them in the garbage for collection, or burn them.
Reply:bury them deeply in dirt. i don't know if this is respectful, but as you bury people..
Reply:i agree with the first answer - give them to a charity shop
Reply:I would take them. I've always been interesting in stuff like that.

Instead of throwing them away, give them to someone you know that might be or is interested in things like that.
Reply:Leave them at somebody else's house.

Let *them* figure out what to do with the cards!
Reply:If you feel like the cards will not be useful for someone else, and somewhat have a permanent negitive energy, The best thing then to do is burn them. Burning them will not only get rid of them, but realease the negitive energy they carry.
Reply:There is nothing in the cards. All is in you. Ask yourself how you can dispose of that part of your personality that is making you a slave in such deep way.
Reply:Burn them! If its good enough for the US flag its good enough for cards that do squat.

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